Book One: Not the Faintest Trace

Frank Hardy, late of Her Majesty's 57th Regiment of Foot - the Die Hards searches for two missing Scandinavian boys, assisted by the cousin of one of the boys, Mette Larsen. Meanwhile, someone is killing ex-Die Hards, and the Armed Constabulary, dressed in full bush uniform -- plaid blankets strapped around their waists, carbines across saddles - searches for an escapee, "one of ours." Was the mysterious Maori who tried to rob Mette of the piglet she has just killed involved? And why does he too seem determined to kill Frank?


Book Two: Recalled to Life

Frank Hardy awakes in a dark, underground prison with no idea how he got there. He escapes after an earthquake starts a bush fire, and discovers he was a prisoner of the Armed Constabulary in a secret upriver camp. Who has sent him there? Frank returns to Palmerston North, but must stay hidden while trying to find out why he was sent to the notorious prison.  Meanwhile, Mette meets a nasty young man with a strong resemblance to Frank; she sets out to discover the facts, even if it might lead to an unsavoury truth about the man she is about to marry.


A Cold Wind Down the Grey

In May 1866, a young surveyor was murdered in dense bush near Greymouth, New Zealand, not far from a track he himself had cut. His body lay in a shallow grave for six weeks, until a confession by a gang member revealed the site.  Twenty-two years later, forced into early retirement by government cuts, INSPECTOR WILLIAM HENRY JAMES remembers the young man and the awful crime committed against him – the first in a string of murders by a vicious gang of ex-convicts from Australia. Inspector James still blames himself for forcing the gang out of his town, an action which led to the deaths of five more men. He ran the gang out of town before he knew exactly what they had done, making him more determined to convict the remaining gang member, JAMES WILSON. 

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