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A Cold Wind down the Grey

ebook and paperback

audiobook coming in May 2020

Based on the true story of Inspector William Henry James, who encountered the Burgess gang before they went on to murder five men on the Maungatapu

Track in Nelson, New Zealand.


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Historical mysteries/thrillers in dramatic New Zealand settings


  The Sergeant Frank Hardy Mysteries are set in Manawatu, New Zealand, in a small 

Scandinavian settlement. The stories begin in 1877,  and move forward in time,

as Sergeant Frank meets, marries, and builds a life with a young Danish woman. 

Not the Faintest Trace

ebook, audiobook, paperback

Sergeant Frank Hardy is asked to find two missing Scandinavian boys, and encounters 

a warrior seeking revenge for a past atrocity. Available as an audiobook.

                                                  Recalled to Life

ebook, audiobook, paperback

Sergeant Frank Hardy is kidnapped and wakes in an underground prison, 

his memory foggy from chloroform. How did he get there, and why was he taken? 

Dead Shot

ebook, audiobook, paperback

With money tight and a new war threatening, Sergeant Frank Hardy takes

on a stud horse from a farm near the front. But someone wants the horse

and will do anything to get it, including kidnapping Hardy's wife.

A Dark and Painful Mystery

ebook and audiobook

A short read to introduce you to the series. 

Available on Kobo, Apple, Amazon Kindle, Nook and elsewhere

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